2015 Architectural Digest Home Design Show Recap

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Last week Pier 94 in New York City was home to the Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015.  From large international brands to small artisan craftsmen, the show offered a wealth of design inspiration. As always, there were returning favorites to see and new exhibitors to discover. The AHT Global booth once again shined by showcasing an assortment of unique residential technologies.

Crestron Pyng


Crestron’s latest invention is Crestron Pyng, a home automation app that simplifies the installation process of any home automation system. AHT Global provided a demo of the system that featured motorized shades, lighting, HVAC and door locks. The demo gave attendees a clear understanding of how easy Pyng is to operate.

Mosaic Video Wall & Merdian-Audio


The Mosaic Video Wall was the centerpiece to the AHT booth and attracted the most attention. With it’s unique configuration and exceptional clarity. it stopped attendees in their tracks to ask questions about the one of a kind video wall system. To top it off, Blackdove, the Miami based start-up, provided unique video art content by utilizing their app during  the four day show.

A pair of Meridian 8000 and 5200 speakers along with a Control 15 media player provided the audio entertainment during the show. Whenever the AHT team had a chance to spike the volume, attendees and exhibitors were enjoying the crisp sounds.

More About Blackdove

Blackdove delivers original motion artwork from today’s most compelling global artists in a modern app driven experience for smart and internet connected screens. Capitalizing on the technology shift in art that follows similar shifts in digital music and e­books, Blackdove is delivering an original art experience packaged in a monthly subscription service. www.blackdove.com

Lighting & Home Theater Design


Technology design is  a crucial element when integrating a home’s automation or any other system. The booth showcased two boards dedicated to the design process. The home theater board provided audio, video and room layout design while showcasing some of the more modern home theaters that AHT has completed. The Lighting design board gave an overview of a lighting diagram and sample images.

Seura Mirror Televisions & TRUFIG

Like last year’s show, AHT showcased two of the more  desirable hidden design technologies in Seura and TRUFIG. Seura is known for their USA manufactured mirror televisions and waterproof displays. When a display needs to be hidden their are two main options: a lift or a mirror television. Mirror televisions have dual functionality while also being much easier to install. The other hidden technology on display was TRUFIG. TRUFIG mounts AC outlets, touchscreens, HVAC outlets and other devices so that they are flush on a wall.

In Case You Couldn’t Attend…

Below is a quick video overview of the show and the AHT Global booth.


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