Jacobs Architects Receive Credits and Learn: AIA Courses

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AHT Global presented another successful lunch and learn presentation with our partners Crestron.  The Daylight Harvesting and Shading Course, AHT’s most popular lunch and learn presentation to date,  was presented to Jacobs architectural team last week. All architects that attended the course received educational credits and leaned new techniques when it comes to using sunlight and shades to design a given space.

Course Learning Objectives:

  • Benefits of using motorized shades
  • Conducive design to motorized shades
  • Types of shades
  • Fabric basics
  • Fenestration data and how to use it to see how well a fabric will perform
  • Openness and color factors
  • Best ways to conceal shades
  • Architectural elements
  • Accessories
  • Integrate lighting and shading
  • Maximize daylighting
  • Maximize energy efficiency




With global offices that cover almost all industries. Jacobs is in prime position to have a major impact for designing structures in a more sustainable way. Smart shading systems that are automated to rise and close at different times of the day are a prime example of how large scale commercial buildings or residential homes can save on energy costs and consumption. Below is a list of the industries that Jacobs specializes.

  • Aerospace & defense
  • Automotive & industrial
  • Buildings
  • Mining & minerals
  • Nuclear
  • Oil & gas (upstream)
  • Petrochemicals & chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical & biotechnology
  • Power & utilities
  • Pulp, paper, & consumer products
  • Refining (downstream)
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Water & wastewater

AHT Global and our partners are continually reaching out to the design and architectural communities to teach the latest in residential, commercial and marine technology integration. Knowledge is power and not knowing about a new design product or technique could be the difference between a good project or a great project.

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